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If Tomorrow Was The Last Day, What Would You Do?

Would you argue?
Would you fight?
Would you keep score?
Or just hold someone dear and tight?

I think this frequently, in the middle of something, anything. I thought this tonight, as I listened to someone try to weigh choices presented to him.

“But what do you LOVE?”, I asked him.

“I don’t know”, he’d answered.

I felt sad then for a moment, for his not knowing, and meeting so many more who don’t know. Just that seemingly simple, yet fleeting thing. What really, do each of us love? And how do we ever get it?

He was just someone I’d met, fleeting, over a wonderful dinner. The woman to my right, we connected immediately. And neither of us, wanting to monopolize each other, mingled with others. At the end of the evening, she gave me her card and said,”It was instant, you and I”. And I had to agree. I had felt it too.

It’s rare, that connection. And sometimes it’s for an instant. Others, it’s for a lifetime. But we never know, until we give it a shot.

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