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Please Visit

Thursday, 5:32 pm. Me, becoming more and more agitated. LN wondering why on earth it was such a big deal. “It’s only 5:32, it’s not due until midnight tomorrow, I’d thought?” she’d asked kindly. “yes yes”, I’d responded, “But AP is coming in from London and I don’t want her waiting for me out in the cold!”

AP is one of those dear friends who everyone loves. If you don’t love her immediately, clearly, it’s you. She’s gorgeous, inside and out and for the first time in our friendship, she was coming to visit me, instead of me visiting her. Actually, I hired her to shoot a few things for me, she’s a brilliant photographer.

It was a whirlwind weekend. 2 deadlines, 1 big deal party, and AP shot all day Friday, I’m not sure how she was even standing by the end of it. On Saturday, we got a chance to sit, drink, eat, and commiserate. And on Sunday, more of it, but this time, at a spa.

It was a lovely girls’ weekend. We packed a lot in. And then today, I dropped her off at the airport, sped home, back to my flat, and back to my life, now lacking deadlines, and lacking that dear close friend.

I’ve come to realise that my most of my most favourite people live far away and luckily, because I live in New York now, people are always wanting to visit so I get to see them more frequently without traveling. Ironic, right? since I’ve loved the travel portion for so long. But now, I’m nesting, settling in, not settling, and making a go of it.

Hopefully I’ll continue to meet more people like AP but I can’t help but miss her, and all of my other friends spread across other states and lands. And even when we never see each other, they each hold a special place in my heart.

I just ask of them to please visit, and stay awhile.

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