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Since As Long As I’ve Known You

I waited, strangely nervous, sitting at the bar.

6:39… late…

T walked in beaming.

“How the hell do you still look exactly as you did when we were 11?”, I asked.

Then, as I tucked wisps of my hair behind my ears, she laughed, reached out, tucked my hair behind my ears for me, and said,”You’ve done that as long as I’ve known you!”

30 years, we see each other perhaps every 8-10 years since we were tweens and teens, but somehow, in the few hours that we manage to spend together, it’s as if there was no lapse.

Of the things that I treasure, my 3 close girlfriends from age 11-16 are easily on the top of that list. Never before or since, have I ever felt such kinship. Those girls got me through puberty, marriage, divorce, family drama.

I never would have imagined that this tiny gesture would be so heartwarming, and yet, it was.

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