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Geographically Unfettered Living

Senorita Xu

Senorita Xu @ 'home' in Argentina, working

After years on the road, I headed “home” to the US and have felt a bit out of sorts.  It’s strange to be here, familiar and yet foreign, and have realised that for all that I missed about “home” I miss the friends that I’ve shared my lifestyle with almost more.  I’m lucky to work with the most amazing people in the world, who are similar spirits in the same way and hope to be discovered by more of the same in my personal life.

Now I’m trying to bring my world global living uber local.  I still travel extensively as an ethnographer and a strategist.  I meet the most amazing people.  My heritage is Chinese, I was mostly raised between Macau + New York.

My interests are in design and simple living.

I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life traveling and living around the world.  I require myself to spend a minimum of 6 months in one location to allow myself to claim to have lived anywhere.  To date, I’ve lived in the UK, China, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia.  I’ve traveled to other places in the EU, South America, and Africa.  I’m taking note of my experiences so I can remember the emotion of an exact moment, but also to shed some light on what drives me to fly by the seat of my pants to friends and colleagues.

I hope that this can serve as an inspiration for you to pursue your own adventures, be it near, or far.

Please stay tuned + am always happy to hear from other adventurers.

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